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Cargo Insurance


Why cargo insurance?
Because things happen.

ACME Global Logistics constantly strives to partner with the industry’s best carriers. Our standards are higher than most other logistics providers because we know high value, delicate freight.

That said, our partners are not the only people on the road. When you drive your own car, you sometimes witness other less-than- careful drivers. No matter how good a driver may be, we all have to deal with unqualified or distracted drivers. Once in a while, warehouse workers or forklift drivers get distracted too.

Although the likelihood of your freight being damaged is very low, it does happen. If it does, and you don’t purchase cargo insurance, you can’t really file a claim. In other words, whatever gets damaged will be your cost to repair or replace. That’s just the way this industry works.

Cargo Insurance covers potential damage. For 45 cents per $100 of coverage ($10,000 minimum) you can have peace of mind.

Let us know that you’re interested in cargo insurance when arranging your shipment and prior to pick up.