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It’s easy to get a free quote:

The best way to get a quote is to call 847-543-4100. You can also email

We’ll need info from you:

  • Zip Code, City and State for pick up and destination
  • Dates to pickup and deliver
  • Pieces – total number in shipment
  • Weight of all pieces to the nearest pound
  • Dimensions (length, width, and height including packaging to nearest inch) of all pieces
  • Based on your information, we can get you a cost quote from there

Other things to consider:

  • Locations – What type of place are we picking up from and delivering to? Convention centers, hotels, personal residences…all may have different accessibility and require extra handling.
  • Facilities – We need to know if there is a truck dock or facilities for proper loading and unloading of freight. A truck with a lift gate is an extra charge. Before/after hours, inside pickup/delivery or waiting time can add to your cost.
  • Packaging – How is your freight prepared for transit? Is it palletized, shrink wrapped or on wheels? Make sure your gear is ready for shipping.
  • Flexibility – Can smaller gear be combined on a pallet? Can your gear be turned on its side or must it remain upright? This can be especially important if your freight needs to ship via air freight.

Ways to save money on shipping:

  • Know your locations – The best way to save money is to know exactly where your freight is being picked up and going to. Limited accessibility costs more money. The more the gear has to be ‘handled’ the more expensive it will be.
  • Time – The more time we have, the more potential there is to route your freight with cost effective options. Just like any overnight shipper, the more quickly it has to move, the more it can cost. We can give you normal “transit time” from city to city, but an extra day or two helps potentially drive down your cost.
  • Packaging – The best way to ship gear is usually to crate or palletize. A standard pallet size if 40’ by 48”. Gear should be packed well, secured to the pallet and shrink-wrapped. You can buy hand-held shrink-wrap roll at any office supply store.
  • Cargo Insurance – Yes, this costs a little extra but can really be worth it overall. If your freight gets damaged without insurance on that shipment, you could be stuck replacing your own gear. Find out more about cargo insurance.